Wairarapa Homestay or Cottage B&B

What To Do On The Property

A property with a difference. When you stay with us, you can relax on the deck of the cottage and take pleasure in watching the scenery, read a book or a magazine, listen to the music and at night watch the star-studded sky when it is clear. Please walk around the property and admire all the different trees and plants, the birds and flowers, the sculptures,  and enjoy.

Like to be a bit more active? How about baking bread, we have baked our own bread for years and we are keen to teach you. This is not machine baked bread, yet bread with fresh yeast and different ingredients if you like.

Cooking a meal together? Both Jan (Yarn) and Maryann are enthusiastic cooks, and enjoy preparing food and enjoying it with pleasant company. If you don’t know how to prepare a certain dish, why not try it together?

Like to know about growing your own vegetables? This is a great passion of ours we love to share. We are keen to help you advising on how to get started with vegetables and fruit.

Want to know more about landscaping, shelter, again, this can be a hands-on experience for you, see how trees grow and what may suit your own situation.

Sew a piece of garment with Maryann, or make some textile art work. (For this you will need some time though, and it would be better to discuss this in advance).