Wairarapa Homestay or Cottage B&B

About The Property

Whispering Winds is an idea we have had for many years and now has become reality. We bought the land early in 2001 as a bare block with only a couple of mature trees on the South side of the land as a windbreak. We designed the house and had it built later in that year and we moved into the house in October. After that we first created a large patio, a Mediterranean styled pergola and the infra structure of paths around the house. From the first winter onwards we started planting and landscaping the property. From 2002 till 2006 a major metamorphosis took place. During the first year we planted mainly shelterbelts, a must in an exposed place like this, and a woodlot for fire wood. Over the next couple of years we planted a large variety of fruit and nut trees and a huge selection of mainly deciduous trees. In 2005, additional to all the other plantings, we planted 100 Hazelnut trees and 110 Prune trees, as a semi commercial side line. The hazelnuts are mainly Whiteheart, and Ennis, with Merveille the Bollwillier and Alexandra as pollinators. The prune tree varieties are Italian, Richards early Italian and Costa’s Pink. In 2006 we planted 56 almond trees, varieties CY750 and 403. These two varieties are New Zealand tree crop selections. It’s also the year we finished the main planting of the property by creating a semi formal woodlot of another 250 deciduous trees. The only thing we need now is time to see the trees growing! Now we are concentrating on further developing the property with more structural landscaping. We have built a cellar and a viewing platform with designer outdoor furniture. We are not finished yet, just watch this space!

In 2006 we had our cottage built, a modern warm and inviting 2 bedroom home with wood fire so you can enjoy it in the winter as well.

While wandering over our property, you will see the sculptures made by Jan, with plans for more to come.